Black Ginger Extract



Improves Blood Flow
Improves cardio-vascular health
Improves strength and energy
Excellent antioxidant
Improves Focus

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Black Ginger

Thai Black Ginger is a lesser-known counterpart to the commonly used regular ginger. These roots, akin to distant cousins, share some similarities in appearance and heritage but vastly differ in their attributes and functionalities.

An adaptogen entrenched in the traditional Thai herbal system for over a millennium, Black Ginger garners widespread favor among adult men, particularly athletes and Muay Thai fighters, owing to its discernible effects on physical performance. Notably, women can also benefit from the properties of Black Ginger, known variably as Thai Ginseng (unrelated to Korean Ginseng), Krachai Dum, and scientifically termed Kaempferia parviflora.

The herb’s notable spotlight resides in its influence on circulation. As a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, Black Ginger mirrors a property often associated with certain pharmaceuticals. By inhibiting phosphodiesterase, which typically curtails vasodilation and consequently restricts circulation, Black Ginger promotes unimpeded blood flow. A study involving adult men showcased increased dimensions (both during “rest” and “activation”) and reduced activation time after regular Black Ginger intake for two months. Beyond its romantic implications, improved circulation proves beneficial for workout routines.

Rich in polymethoxyflavones, Black Ginger boasts compounds that animal studies suggest can bolster endurance, stamina, and grip strength. Additionally, these compounds stimulate mitochondrial activity, pivotal for generating cellular energy throughout the body.


Fighter’s Friend:

Black Ginger is a popular supplement among elite Muay Thai fighters for boosting blood flow and improving physical performance.

Ancient History:

Black Ginger has a history of over 1000 years, aiding local men in enhancing masculinity and vigor.

Powerful Combinations:

Black Ginger can be combined with other herbs like Butea Superba for enhanced benefits.

100% Natural:

Sustainably grown by the best, most pure Black Ginger farms in Thailand.

Long-Term Benefits:

Unlike quick-fix ED medications, Black Ginger naturally improves blood flow over time.

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